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In order to create rewarding, value-for-money offerings, I maintain the following terms so that we all know what to expect.

All bookings

By booking any event, coaching package or course, you agree to and accept the following:

Confidentiality: All information shared between us will remain confidential. This applies even after the course, event or package has completed. Occasionally, I use anonymous anecdotes in blogs, marketing activity and other areas. I may also ask to use my notes or a quote from you in my marketing or other work. I will always ensure I have your permission before I share.
Kindness, respect and openness: I offer my respect and kindness to all my clients, and I ask that you extend the same to me, and others when working in a group. I also ask that you are open to suggestions, just as I remain open to you and your story.
Refunds: You are entitled to request a refund 30 days after the official start date of your membership. Refunds are not available for coaching.
Cancellation: I reserve the right to cancel events, courses, workshops, retreats, or coaching at my discretion.
Being ready: Before you book to work with me, I ask that you check in with yourself and make sure you're really ready to make the commitment (of time, money and energy) to working together. I bring buckets of commitment to the table, and you'll get the most out of working with me if you do too.

Coaching packages

By booking a coaching session, package or series of sessions, you agree to and accept the following, in addition to the 'all bookings' section above:

Cancellations: I ask for 72 hours' notice to reschedule a single mentoring session. If you need to cancel after this, I will need to charge in order to rebook the session.
Communication: Please communicate primarily via email: jenny [at] thejennypace [dot] com. I answer emails regularly and I prioritise emails by client package (more intensive packages first, etc). I don't respond to text messages, Facebook messages, unscheduled phone calls or other methods of communication.
Content: All mentoring and coaching content is based on my experience and ethos. It is not a guarantee of success. You must make your own business and life decisions.
Payment in instalments: Once you have booked and paid your initial instalment, you are liable for payment of the remaining package in full.


By purchasing a course, you agree to and accept the following, in addition to the 'all bookings' section above:

Payment in instalments: If you choose to pay in instalments, please note that, once you have booked and paid your first instalment, the full amount must be paid in full. Late payments may incur additional fees.
Content: All course content is based on my experience and ethos. It is not a guarantee of success. You must make your own business and life decisions.
Intellectual property: All content on my courses is exclusively for clients who have signed up for the course. Please do not share materials with third parties outside your own business.
Community: Where online community pages are a part of the course, I ask that you keep anything shared by others confidential, and that you bring kindness, respect and openness to others in the group. You are responsible for your own behaviour and what you share. Please ensure it is authentic and considered. I reserve the right to remove individuals from community settings at my discretion.
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